Tuesday, March 08, 2005

For all you geeks out there! :o)

I just got back from the ESC conference a couple of hours back.For all of you wondering what the hell does that mean, its a conference held for technical artists and people in the field of designing applications for companies.Yes, thank god i moved out of that phase of my life real early, to tell you the truth, its not all that boring to listen to 5 geeks...oops sorry ;o) i mean 5 people talk about 1 frikin' microprocesser and the way it analysis data but what can beat having a job creating a level of halflife or halo rite?! so, yeah, the conference on the whole was not a total disaster for me.They had an expo showcasing the current autonomus robots available in the market and also the real time processing of the ATI Graphic Card. Anyway, all in all it was not that bad a conference to go to.
Too bad i could not make it to the EE Awardshow tonite. but hey, who's complaining rite! :o)

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