Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mining Vehicle Design -

Just an idea I needed to get outta my head! I started with a thumbnail and a few sketches and jumped straight to 3D. Its nice when I can tell from the get-go exactly what I want out of a design.


alxart said...

pretty cool! Would love to see this rendered in detail.
And congrats on the Ironman design! That's pretty sweet!

Sunil Pant said...

Thanks Alex!

Your rite,I need to paint this bad boy soon!

Thanks for your kind words.I'm looking forward to watching IM2(being such a fan of the first one)It comes out this Friday woohoo!!

I dig your work! Simply bad ass :)

Smoke_TH said...

Damn, this looks neat =)

Unknown said...

This is FANTASTIC!!!!!