Thursday, June 10, 2010

Iceburg studies

Today I was looking through some of Fredric Church's work and as always I'm left in Awe. I liked a page in the book where he paints 'iceburgs' and thought this would make for a great study. Here's the 1st of many attempts to come at painting iceburgs.


Claudia said...

Organic stuff!!! Looks good. I really like the shapes and colors.

hee hee..This randomly reminds me of the colors conversation we had about Alfredo's eyes. It's all about color/light my friend! :P


Sunil Pant said...

:) right you are Claudia.I do remember that conversation.

This was a fun exercise for me, esp. cause I don't do organic/whimsical work too often.

I am surprising myself ;-)