Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Featured work in 'MegaMind' trailer

*Below are a few images from the latest trailer of MegaMind featuring a few of my designs.

- Detailed breakups of shots and designs to be released Nov 6th SO STAY TUNED

**Images copyright DreamWorks Animation Studios**


Jparked said...

hey Sunil,

I am a huge fan of your work, just wanted to say, "your awesome!!"

thanks for all the inspiration.


John Park.

Sunil Pant said...

Thanks John. I'm glad you enjoy the work here and find your inspiration.

cheers mate

Martin Bergquist said...

Your work is great, love how you us 3D as sketching tool. Very inspiring.

Sunil Pant said...

Thanks Martin! I very much enjoy creating and letting my design evolve in 3D once I'm done drawing it on paper.

Cheers mate!

Timothy J Lamb said...

november 5th! ;)