Sunday, July 16, 2006

Jacob collins - A Master Painter

One of my friend's sent me a link to his site.I must say, his figurative works are one of the best I have seen yet.Do let me know if you know of anyone else whos is as good or better.(hard to belive that someone could be better)

Jacob Collins Painter

A Friend and Mentor

I am happy to let all of you know that the long awaited 'D'ARTISTE Concept Art-Ballistic publications' book is finally out and George has some really good tutorials in there.You guys should definately check it out.Some great tips on photoshop renders and good concept design work.

If you are intrested in puchasing a copy here's a link to the homepage: WWW.GHULL.COM

Doug Chiang Studio

This is a great FAQ page.Very informative of how 1 of the greats works and how he deals with creative blocks,something we all go through, atleast i do (on a daily basis!)

Doug Chiang Studios

Art of Pencil Drawing

This is a great book written by Ernest W.Watson.Its always good to go back to basics once in a while.This book talks about line weight and there is a lot of emphasis on patterns of the subject you are drawing.
Currently I've been doing exercises using this book as a guide and its already helped my line drawings.Again, I cannot stress enough on how much help this book can be.